Merry, Merry, Happy Happy

Just a quick and late Merry Christmas to everyone!

Happy New Year too!

Hopefully the New Year will bring new energy and I will post more.

Love and miss you all.  Well, except the spammers who want to ensure I am satisfying my mate.  They can piss off.



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12 responses to “Merry, Merry, Happy Happy

  1. Even these quick posts make me happy 🙂

  2. Miss you too! Hope you are back soon!!

  3. Okay, I left you a comment on blogger because when I went there from your comment, your last post was about the new year–2006! Um, it helps to read, Alison! Anyway, happy New Year!

  4. Those same pissholes who want to make sure I have the most enlarged penis on the block?

    Yeah, they can bite me as well.


  5. A belated Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year!!! There both covered.
    Hope you are doing well and that the new year brings nothing but greatness for you and your family!!

  6. Merry Christmas back at ya! Hope you had a good one and have a wonderful new year!

  7. YAY right back atcha with all the happy wishes for the coming year…too bad your mate won’t be coming, since you’re hellbent on dissatisfaction! lol. Kidding. Spammers blow.

  8. good to see u around.. a quickie is always good.. have a sweet ( and I know you will ) NEW YEAR!!!

  9. seeing your header makes me want to go to Maggie Moos…….

  10. OK I’m so LATE and I haven’t been on here in SO LONG…I hope you have a very merry christmas..and your NEW years is going well!! Have you have the little one yet??

  11. I would like you to post again, please.

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