Happy Anniversary Fun Monday!!

Vicki, the original Fun Monday hostess, is hosting the Anniversary Edition!

Here’s what Vicki says:

I can’t believe it! We are coming up on the 1st Anniversary of the very first Fun Monday! Chris asked me if I would host the Anniversary Fun Monday and I said, “Sure! That thing is still going on?”

Since agreeing to host I have been racking my brain to think of something to post about. I’m not sure what has been posted about before because I lost track of Fun Monday a few months back.

Just this instant I’m typing I decided what I want us to post on.

It all started with “Your View”. I wanted to see what you see when you look out your front door. (I’ll link back to that post later.) So for this Anniversary Fun Monday lets do it again!

Here’s the assignment. For those of you who did NOT post a picture of your view from your front door, then your assignment is to post a view from your front door. To do this you stand in your doorway looking outside and take a picture. That simple. We (I) want to see what you see when you look out your front door.

For those of you who DID post your view, link back to that post you posted a year ago, and then re-list your very first post ever. We want to see how far you’ve come baby! Also, if you can, post the comments you received on that post.

My first Fun Monday post can be seen (sort of) here.  I have no idea where the picture went- I’ll try to update that tomorrow.

My very first post is here

For my pal who emailed me and asked me to post again- I will post something more than Fun Monday soon, I promise.  Miss you too.



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19 responses to “Happy Anniversary Fun Monday!!

  1. I think that is quite possibly the best reason for blogging that I have ever read (your very first post). Thanks for making me smile.

  2. Ha! Great reason for blogging!

  3. mjd

    “So I can talk to myself without being institutionalized.” may be the real reason that we all blog.

  4. I could have SWORN I commented to your first post! I remember reading it and hooting! (or maybe it was someone else with a similar first post???)

    Hope you find your pictures…that was bizarre :/.

  5. Ellen

    I have missing photos in some of my early posts too…
    I hope to come back and see your view.

  6. I organized my picture files on my computer and I discovered missing pictures on my blog as well! Oops – guess you have to keep the original location of your pictures? Silly if you ask me!

    I’ll come back later to check your view out!

  7. I think you were spot on in that first post – well, that is why I blog.

    Uh….I don’t know what to say about your view. I am trying to use my imagination.

  8. Holy cow, a post, a post (dancing in the streets). Miss you lady!

  9. The very nice man

    I love your first post!! It’s so true, hahaha!!

  10. Your first post just says it all for every blogger on here!!! It’s so true!!

  11. I’m cracking up at your first post! Mostly because it’s oh so true…that’s also why I got a blue tooth ear phone…

  12. I know you are getting close to the due date….how is everything going?

  13. I heart you.

    I had read both of those posts before, and remember what your view looks like. Now, I just get a big red X. But that’s cool too. As long as you post.

  14. That’s got to be the most succinct first post I’ve ever read~ it’s great!

  15. well you know it made me hoot.
    hope you’re doing well.

  16. Your first post is nothing short of absolutely brilliant. Well put. And, just so you know, I may have to steal it and (possibly) claim it as my own.

  17. A small yard kids can play in is better than no yard, or a big yard they can’t play in. I love, love, love your first post and if I were to be honest, I likely started for the same reason. That and to have imaginary friends without people blinking an eye;-).

  18. Your first post? Says it all!! I only get the red x on the FM post but I’ll use my imagination. Oh. And nice to see you posting again. Bout time missy! :o)

  19. I was so happy to see you pop up in bloglines, I’ve been missing you! I’m assuming bloglines aren’t eating your posts. Hopefully, we’ll see more of you soon. 🙂

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