The Votes Are In

So when do you think Scoop with be born and what will she weigh?

Here is how the voting is going so far:

  • Amy: 9lb 3 oz.  Amy, any guess on the date?
  • Joy: Feb 9     8lb 10oz and 20 inches
  • Radsad:  Feb 11   9lb 2 oz
  • Karmyn:  Feb 12   8lb 12oz
  • Molly:  Feb 13  8lb 2 oz
  • Mrs. Squirrel:  Feb 13   8lb 7oz
  • Beckie:   Feb 14   9lb 2oz
  • Kellie:  Feb 14   9lb 4oz
  • Chick:  Feb 15    8lb 11oz
  • Lisa:  Feb 16   9lb 5oz
  • CPAMom: Feb 17     10 pounds even
  • Hannah:  Feb 17     9lb 1oz
  • Dani:  Feb 18    9lb 1oz
  • Emma:  Feb 22    9lb 9oz

Rachel– someone else already voted what you voted- want to vote again?

There is still time to vote.  There may be a prize involved.  Of course it will take me four months to send it to you but eventually you would get it.



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8 responses to “The Votes Are In

  1. So yeah, watch. Lil Scoop will make sure she arrives on a date not picked and she will also make sure she is ONE oz above or below so then you will have no winners. That way you won’t have to worry about a “prize”. Besides the prize for everyone is going to be PICTURES of Scoop!!!! But yeah hopefully before she is 4 months old!!

  2. Sorry… 8lb, 7 oz of lil scoopness!!!

  3. Feb 10th in the morning… 8 pounds 6 ounces

  4. jugglingchainsaws

    Seriously, time flies! Seems like Scoop still has months to go (for me, certainly not for you!). Okay. . .I’ll weigh in. . .I say she arrives on the 9th at 7lb 15 (those doctors think every baby will be 10# these days). Can’t wait to see pics. Hope you are getting as comfortable as you can!!!

  5. I am guessing February 22…sorry for leaving that out!

  6. Wow, crazy that we both chose the same exact date and weight! Maybe that’s a sign!!!

    I will guess again. How about Feb 15 and same weight. 9 pounds, 2 ounces.

  7. Hmm I’m going to say …Feb. 14th 9lbs 1ounce..that would be cool to have a valentine’s baby..cupid! haha

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