• Paper or plastic?
  • Toilet paper- over or under?
  • Breast or bottle?
  • Sleep or eat?
  • Whole, 2%, 1% or skim?
  • To blog or not to blog- that is the question.


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16 responses to “Questions

  1. happyworkingmom

    I’ve missed you!

  2. Paper
    Whatever works best
    Please blog.

  3. Paper
    Preferably breast
    Yes and yes

    Please come and see my site too!

  4. abbilyeverafter1

    and yes, please keep on blogging when you have time!

  5. Canvas


    Whichever works for you and your baby

    Sleep (you can eat while feeding the baby OR while in the shower)

    None for me. Milk makes me gag. My kid loves her some 2%, though.

    BLOG!! Yes..TO BLOG!!! Please don’t go away!!

    PLEEEEEASE!! I’ll do anything–clean your house, feed the baby (bottle. My boobs don’t work). I’ll change your toilet paper whichever way you want it. I’ll pick kids up from school, drop them off at soccer or art or dance. I’ll balance your checkbook and do the laundry.

    Just PLEEEEEASE don’t stop blogging!!

  6. Neither – canvas reusable bags.
    I don’t care – as long as a roll is there when I need it.
    Either – as long as you feed the kid.
    both – I think it is possible to eat while you sleep.
    Any, as long as a brownie comes with it.

    and to blog? Only when you feel like it.

  7. joyfulmama

    Sometimes my own bag, more more often: plastic 😦
    Totally over
    Breast for my boys, but whatever works for others is great
    Sleep, sleep, and more sleep (can you tell I have babies?)
    Skim (and ditto the brownie comment)
    Definitely “to blog”!

  8. joyfulmama

    P.S. I love ice cream too. Crave it, worship it, live for it. Check me out at

  9. The first few questions whatever you want!!! The last question HELL yeah PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE blog. I have missed you and now am waiting to hear all about lil scoop and how things are going. I check your site every day in hopes you have posted!!!

  10. cpamomva

    Paper or plastic? plastic for now but only until I have bought enough of the reusable totes.

    Toilet paper- over or under? Over, for the love of God, OVER.

    Breast or bottle? Whatever works best for Baby AND Mom. No judging!

    Sleep or eat? SLEEP, hands down.

    Whole, 2%, 1% or skim? 1% is what we are using now. Try Horizon Organic 1% chocolate – it tastes like full, I swear.

    To blog or not to blog- that is the question. I wish you would so we could know how YOU and the babies are doing…I hope to be able to meet up with you in July?!?!?!?! But take care of YOU first.

  11. plastic
    Breast (whatever you want really)
    BLOG – DEAR GOD BLOG!! WE ALL MISS YOU!! I check in everyday to see if you have posted. We miss u…please come back to blog world!! Your bloggy friends miss yoU!!

  12. Cloth

    Over, of course

    Breast (for my three. For different mothers, different choices.)

    Depends on the day. Sleep, usually.


    Up to you, but it sure looks like you have a fan club who miss you!

  13. Paper
    Whatever Scoop Needs
    BLOG!! (please)

  14. Plastic (at 4 cents per bag at Superstore!) but I’m heading towards the canvas.

    Under, though I’d be willing to take over if anyone else woould change the bloody roll.

    I did both. Whatever works.

    Judging by my fat ass and the bags under my eyes I eat rather than sleep.

    2%. Though I only have it in tea. My bones are ready to start breaking I am sure.

    Yes, I think you should. Am dying to hear how the baby is. Even if it’s only once a month. Or two. Whatever. Just don’t disappear entirely.

  15. I forget all the questions except for the blogging one. I decree: YES.

  16. Paper.
    When there’s time.

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