The Big Guy comes into the living room where I am trying to change cranky Scoop’s diaper.

In one hand he has his work fleece.  In the other my trusty stain removal gel stick thingy.

He says, “If you do laundry today, can you stain stick my fleece?”


Is it just me or do you want to throw the dirty diaper at him too?



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13 responses to “Typical

  1. I want to stain stick his fleece WITH the dirty diaper.

  2. Dude. My husband would so get the stinkeye for that…and no other response since whatever would come out of my mouth would not be appropriate for the kids’ ears. Seriously.

  3. Oh, dirty diaper upside the head for sure!! Seriously, last week, I fell (because I am soooo graceful) and really hurt my foot. Can you guess who still got the kids in their baths, and cleaned up the living room? Can you guess who sat in the recliner the whole time?

    Yeah, I thought you could.

  4. Love it, love it, love it…love the comments too! What would we do without our men?

  5. HMM I would simply say .. okay.. lets trade.. you wipe and dipe and I will stain stick!

  6. hahaha you should have told him, well while you are holding both YOU stain stick it, or just plain “stick” it hahaha. Men!!!! go figure!!!

  7. Geez…yeah I definitely would have thrown the dirty diaper at him!

  8. Oh the memories that brings back. How himself and I survived Sophie’s first 3 months I will never know.

  9. LOL Not just you. I would have thrown the dirty diaper at him. Men!!

  10. Ditto all of the above!

  11. I’ll throw the damn diaper at him!

  12. I’m with Honi. “Sure, hon, I can do that for you. You just come over here and finish this diaper while I stick your fleece.”

  13. When I meet him this summer, can I throw the diaper at him then? That is just so wrong.

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