Random Stuff

Just a couple of random things.

  • You may have noticed my ice cream cone bullets are gone.  Apparently my CSS subscription needed to be renewed (read: paid for) while I was having the baby.  I didn’t renew and now don’t have the code any more.
  • I miss my cones.
  • I am totally mildly obsessed with the HGTV Green Home.  I want that thing so badly!!  Like 800,000,000 other people.
  • I got a comment on my family page the other day that cracked me up.  A woman named Bethany who co-blogs at Scoopalicious commented.  She blogs about ice cream!  Is that funny? 
  • That reminds me- it’s time to break out the ice cream machine!
  • I’ve been lurking around everyone’s sites lately.  I am going to put some effort into actually commenting.
  • Guess what?  The Brown Eyed Girl is back!  And healthy!  Go show her some love.
  • Uhh…that’s it.
  • Great ending Mama.  You’re so freakin’ creative.


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10 responses to “Random Stuff

  1. mmm yeah break out the ice cream machine, make mmm fudge ripple or butterscotch ripple and shit my way PLEASE!!!
    Yeah I miss your cones, but hey they can take those cones away but never you!!!!!!

  2. I never even learned how to use CSS, so consider yourself at least one step ahead there. I do miss the ice cream cones, though.

  3. whoa – your doppelganger found you.

  4. I saw Angie was back this morning and about freaked out!!! It’s very exciting to have you both back posting.

  5. I love coming here and seeing you post.. I want some ice cream.. I am sort of excited in a ice cream kinda way.. I start weight watchers online monday.. I registered today.. so now I can actually incorporate icecream treats ( like skinny cow icecream and ww icecream treats) into my program.. yay for ice cream.. it makes me smile!

  6. Thanks for letting me know about Brown Eyed Girl – I’m happy to hear she’s healthy and going back there now.

  7. Brown Eyed Girl


    You mentioned me.

    I feel so out of the loop. You’ve had a baby and I missed it.

    I am back…but it’s nice to see your random thoughts…except I miss your cones too!


  8. I really liked the cones. I tried to figure out how to get the cool bullets at my place, but never did.

    As far as ice cream goes, Vanilla Cake Batter is my favorite. YE-UM!

    Apparently I need to go meet the Brown Eyed Girl…

    I want a green home, too. I also want a hybrid mini-van – do they make those yet?

    There. That’s all I have. My “random” comment.

  9. I’m off to meet The Brown Eyed Girl…but first, would you please pass the Butter Pecan…or Chocolate Caramel…or Strawberry…or just plain ‘ole Vanilla? Anything will do. I like mine in a Waffle Cone.

  10. oh, I miss the cones. They were just so… you.

    DH and I are slowly becoming obsessed with how we can become “green”. I guess every step is one in the right direction.

    Glad you’re back and catching up on blogs. I’ve been absent for a few weeks and I’m slowly working my way back too. The google reader saying 350+ is making me have tremors. 🙂

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