Nothing Like A Tone of Voice To Set Me Off…

Yesterday, as I am using the bathroom for the 10th time (I can’t wait for the Zoloft to be out of my system)…where was I?  Oh yeah, bathroom.  So I’m in the bathroom, Scoop is on the floor under her little flashy light, rattle thing,and Ebaby is watching Dragon Tales an educational program on greenhouse gasses.


Or so I thought.


I heard Scoop “talking” and thought it sounded funny.  I peek out the bathroom door and see she is not under the play thing.  Oh hell, I wrap it up quickly

She was on Ebaby’s bed, all tucked in.

How did she get there?

Ebaby pushed her.  Picture this…

Scoop lying on the floor.  Ebaby moves play yard, puts two hands on Scoop’s tush and pushes her to the bedroom.  She then picks her up and puts her on the bed.  I had a heart attack.

Scoop was fine and kinda happy to be in her big sister’s room.  Luckily she did not have a rug burn on the back of her head.  The strange thing is she had to push her right past the bathroom and I never heard a thing.  Sneaky little thing.


The tone of voice?  That would be the Big Guy.  Ebaby told him what happened when he made his nightly call home.  When I got on the phone the connection was lost.  When he got home he asked me how Ebaby got Scoop in the bed.  With a tone.  You know the one- it makes you feel like shit. 

I said she pushed her. 


Then I got a look.  It had a tone, too. 

I said, “Well what’s the next question?”  I admit, it had a tone.

More silence and a look.

I got up and went to bed.

“Where are you going?”

Just kept going.





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12 responses to “Nothing Like A Tone of Voice To Set Me Off…

  1. Sometimes, you have to just keep going in order to keep from going off!

    Very sneaky and clever of E-baby.

  2. I am very familar with “the look.” Over the weekend, Tim and Hudson went out to ride the tricycle and left Kendall and me in the house. When they got back, I heard the garage door open and Kendall got up to go to the bathroom. Then I hear the dogs barking in the garage which means the door isn’t shut all the way and they are running off and Tim starts yelling and we finally all get back in the house and Tim tries to blame Kendall. But really Tim left the door open to the garage in the first place and that’s how the dogs got out.
    So he’s getting all mad because I wasn’t watching what Kendall was doing, but really it’s his fault.
    And exactly what are you supposed to be doing, not going to the bathroom EVER with the door closed? It’s not like you left the front door open to a 50 foot drop off and the knife drawer pulled out into the middle of the floor with some buring matches sprinkled around. YOU WENT TO THE BATHROOM.

  3. ROFL! The picture of Ebaby pushing Scoop along the floor…tooooooo funny!

    Looks like you’re going to have to start taking Scoop to the bathroom with you! That oughta be fun 😀

  4. Are you giving me hints as what is to come in my house??

    Ebaby must have enjoyed the “ride” – or else she would have been screaming, right?

  5. Oh dear, the look with the tone. Gotta hate that! Keep on truckin’ was the right thing to do. Sometimes saying nothing at all is louder and clearer than saying something with words.

  6. I’d have kept going, too. Otherwise? He’d have had a new ass.

    All is well. No one was hurt. The kidlets seemed to be having a good time. It’s all good. Really.

  7. Oh, SISTER. If I had a nickel for every single damned time I am changing a diaper and the kid is screaming and the husband comes in with a “why is he/she crying?” in THAT TONE and then I kill him. The End.

  8. Oh wow scoop in her sisters bed huh? I can just visualize ebay pushing her too!!! Like the above comment, scoop must have like the ride!!!
    The tone huh? Yeah we have all been there but ya know the silent tone is the worst , so yeah you did great by walking away!!

  9. I agree, Scoop enjoyed the ride otherwise she would have been screaming.

    From a third party point of view – it’s all kind of cute. 🙂

  10. Bitch.slap. Seriously. If he thinks he can do it better, let him. Go away for a night and see how he manages.

    Mrs. CPA is right. You were in the bathroom for God’s sake.

  11. hey at least big sister loves baby sister so to me that rocks the world.. she just needs to tell mommy before she does something like scoot her across the floor and pick her up .. lol..

  12. Very clever of E-baby. I cant believe that she pushed scoop past the bathroom and made no noise. Its a very cute story.

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