Need A New Look

I have ten ideas for posts.  Have I done any of them?  No.  Why?  I’m too busy fooling around with widgets and designs.  I am bored with the look of my blog.  I don’t like the no Java Script thing they have here at WordPress.  There are some neat things I’d like to add (widgets from Good Reads and Twitter for example)  and I can’t use them here.  But I’ve been pretty happy here.  Plus I want a cute site.  Shallow I know. 


What do you guys think?  Stay here?  Go back to Blogger where they allow Java?  Anyone want to make me a cute new look?  You know, for free. 


Opinions please.



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11 responses to “Need A New Look

  1. Seriously give some thought to Revka Designs (designs by RS). For $20 or $40 she could fix you up with something new. I’m paid up now, waiting for my redesign of the review blog – I totally get the boredom factor and want a change!

  2. I am blogging about the process of getting my own domain today. I was just stopping by to get your URL to link to you for the post. It has been really easy so far.

    I know what you mean – I wanted some of the cool widgets that won’t let us use.

  3. Nap Warden did my header for $20. She’ll overhaul your entire site or just a header for not a lot of money.

    I wanted to go back to Blogger because WordPress and my ISP feud over comments, which leads to them being blocked and ugh…so annoying. I don’t know crap about Java anything so, I don’t kow what I’m missing.

    Wherever you go, we shall follow 🙂

  4. I don’t know how WordPress works but I like Typepad – they give me just enough freedom to do changes I like. Of course, I am paying (but really – it is less than one Starbuck’s Macchiato a month).

  5. come back to blogger.. I get everything done here and they are always improving and adding new features… now you can do a post ahead of time and schedule exactly via date and time you want it to appear on your blog.. I love that…

  6. I much prefer my blogger blog to my wordpress one. Though I do wish they recorded email addresses to that I could comment back.

  7. I heart Blogger.

    And I’m a winner! Or some shit.

  8. I like them both. Wow, that helps, doesn’t it?

  9. I really like your look, always have but whatever youdo or where ever you go blogger or word press you know you have faithful followers

  10. I like them both too, but I totally get you on the Javascript thing. That drives me crazy but not blogger not gettting email addresses drives me crazy too. Switching back has crossed my mind as well, but I have had my WP blog for more than a year now and I don’t know.

  11. Let me know what you decide. I may follow you.

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