At what time is it appropriate to say, “There’s no point showering today, I’ll just catch one tomorrow.”?





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  1. Depends. If you had a rough night? 4am is perfectly acceptable. If the night was decent and the morning went from good to crap? 10 am is fine. If the morning was good and the afternoon quickly slid into pure she-ite? Anytme after noon is fine.

    Personally? It’s better to decide that first thing in the morning. That way you don’t have to feel all “Well, crap. I set a goal to shower today and didn’t meet said goal.”

    I’ll shut up now.

  2. The appropriate time is “any time you feel like saying SCREW the shower today” Well as long as you don’t smell like an outhouse that is!!!! 🙂

  3. Deb

    I came on to see what the answer was to that question since I still have not taken one (lol). So I feel better about saying f*** it. Not happening today kids.

  4. All day long – up to the point where your head is actually hitting the pillow!!

    (oh – and if you tell your child he needs to take a shower tomorrow but the next day he is dressed before you can make an issue out of it – its okay too – he’ll be at school all day. You won’t have to smell him.)

  5. When you get out of bed.

  6. Hey! I just blogged about this, sort of, not really. Well, I had done a meme about things I had thought and at 1030 i had thought Damn left it to late for a shower. So there you go, in my world after 10.30 there is no point in showering. Unless of course you didn’t make it into the shower the day before either. Then I’d add a few hours on.

  7. lol hey OWWW my mouth ( had my dental and crown work done today) that was funny though .. uhmm I would say.. anytime you darn well feel like it .. its fine to say.. hey shower .. nah.. will catch it in the morning..

  8. At precisely 4:23 pm.

    I know this because I made the same decision yesterday 😉

  9. I had months like this when the twins were infants. There were many days that I couldn’t remember the last time I showered.

    I know. Gross.

    But what the hell ever. I was BUSY being a MOTHER or some crap. Gah!

  10. I’m going with susaninva…4:23 works for me.

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