It’s A Good Thing I Love Her…

Question from Ebaby yesterday:  “Mama, were you like this when you married Daddy?”

Unsuspecting me:  “Like what?”

My darling daughter:  “You know (poke, poke) fat with a big belly.”





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12 responses to “It’s A Good Thing I Love Her…

  1. My nephew asked me the other day why I have GIANT legs. “But Gigi, why are they so BIG?”

  2. Yikes! Kids are so innocent 🙂 My daughter tells me all the time that my belly’s getting bigger…they just don’t quite get it yet, do they?

  3. Oh for the love of cake. To be so young and innocent, right?!


  4. Mine comments on a daily basis how big my belly is getting and yesterday when I put shorts on, he told me my legs were really big. Thanks kid.
    They need a filter…oh wait, mines a boy, he’ll never get one. Yours will one day! 😉

  5. hahaha out of the mouth of babes as they say. So innocent and no idea how devastating some of their questions can be!!! But hey our children love us no matter how we look, right? I tell my kids I earned all my fat and flab and if wants to flap around , so be it!!!! 🙂

  6. Oh dear God. The things they say. My daughter told me “not all of your teeth are yellow, Mommy.” the other day. Great, so I have checkerboard teeth :0(

  7. oh my! I can’t wait (insert sarcasm) for one of my kids to tell me that.

    Did she ask her Dad that too?

  8. we are STILL having ice cream when I come see you in July though!

  9. All I can say is….ouch!

  10. ohh that stings a bit…

  11. Why do our kids insist on doing and saying things that may get them killed?

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