I’m Quotable

Go figure.  Musing Woman has deemed me quotable.  Now everyone will know I stink, literally.


I love Baby On Bored, not that she knows since I’m too intimidated to comment on her site.  Hi Stephanie- love you!  She turned me on to this great new blog.  The title?  Wind In Your Vagina!  The story behind the title is priceless.  I just spent the last half hour hiding from my kids reading his archives.  Go check him out. 


What blogs are you reading these days?  With my new unemployed status I can add a few more to my feed reader.



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3 responses to “I’m Quotable

  1. Yep great blogger that Wind In Your Vagina. Haha love the name of her blog!!!!!
    I always click on links but then just read and not comment. Then I wonder why I don’t have a huge list of blogs to go to hahaha, dummy me , huh?

  2. I read your quote at Blogtations and it’s great LOL And Wind In Your Vagina? Hilarious!!

  3. LOL!

    My blog list is ENORMOUS. 🙂

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