I’m Getting A Complex

So my last three posts have not shown up on Bloglines.  WordPress is being snotty.  I think I’m going to switch back to Blogger.  Anybody have any idea how to import posts from WordPress to Blogger?  I tried Blogger’s help thing but there was not much current info.

I am seriously on the edge here, over the freakin blog!!!  Not really over the blog but I don’t need any more bullshit in my life right now.  I just want to be able to piss and moan (and have a twitter feed) with you guys.  Maybe tell the occasional Ebabyism. 


Sorry, just feeling a bit sorry for myself right now.




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7 responses to “I’m Getting A Complex

  1. Well I can tell you that your posts are showing up in Google reader.

    I have thought about switching back for a couple of reasons, but haven’t been pushed far enough by WP just yet.

  2. Hmm because I can be technically illiterate… why dont u just link this blog to your knew blog.. and start fresh on your new blog.. and leave your archive here.. that way there is no risk of losing anything… and u can leave a link in this blog to the new one.. sounds silly perhaps but.. well sometimes I like to just take the easy road rather than the one less traveled.. or more traveled but with far more computer advanced people than me.. lol

  3. We all know I am the wrong person to have the answer. I think Honi is right, just link it and start fresh!! Good luck

  4. I don’t know, I’m just a big dumbass. But it excites me to think you are blogging more!

  5. It drives me batty to have to figure things out. 🙂 Hope you get it figured and I’ll change what feed I’m getting from you. 😉

  6. Relax Ice Cream Mama. Breeeeeathe…

  7. I went through the same thing about 6 months ago and after trying out a few new platforms, I ended up back at Blogger.


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