The Family

Meet the family:

The Big Guy (BG):  My husband of six years.

Sis:  My 16 year old step-daughter.

Ebaby (formerly known as Squishy but I kept forgetting to type the ‘q’):  My four year old daughter.  The stuff that comes out of her mouth will make you pee your pants laughing.  My little drama queen.

Scoop:  the unborn as of yet little babe.  Scoop should be making his/her debut February 20, 2008.

Me:  Bethany aka Ice Cream Mama.  I work as a staff accountant for a medium sized corporation. 

I like to read.  I struggle with my weight.  Am I a mommyblogger?  Who gives a rat’s ass?


This is my blog.  Pull up a chair & name your flavor.


5 responses to “The Family

  1. Honi

    Stumbled on your blog today .. love it and look forward to reading more.. much luck on your weight loss.. I am right there with you.. have about 75 pounds to lose .. probably a little more than that… right now just concentrating on 10% of what I am right now.. 214 ( that was with shoes, a sweat shirt, a cell phone and other things in my pocket lol)
    drop me a note if you can.. and would love to link your blog with mine am creating a new blog for weight loss.. dont have it up yet… but I have this one right now… its about our motorcycle travels…
    Best of luck to you on your weight loss journey and good luck getting that little dress you want by next Jan.

  2. My husband is also the BG. What a coinky-dink! 😉

  3. Ann

    Nice to meet you! I found your blog through NaBloPoMo. Gotta love the things that come out of Ebaby’s mouth…my two preschoolers say the funniest things too 🙂

  4. So funny! My name is Bethany and I co-blog scoopalicious, and your name is Bethany and you are the Ice Cream Mama! We must have been separated in the ice cream truck!

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