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Guess what?

I’m being induced tomorrow night!


My blood pressure is still fluctuating.  I am ready.  And my doctor is going on vacation on Saturday.  So Thursday night I will be checking in to the hospital.  She probably won’t be here until Friday.  I’ll probably come home on Sunday.  Then, knowing me, I’ll post a week and a half from then.  So if someone wants to give up their phone number, you can be graced with the super secret password to the Ice Cream Palace and post an update for me.

Of course if you give me your phone number you will have to listen to how my husband annoyed the crap out of me while I was in labor.  Even though he will have done everything right, he will get no credit for it, just because I had to push a big baby out of a small place!  You might want to give some serious thought to giving up that number.

Also some people have expressed interest in pictures of Scoop.  I don’t post pictures of the kidlets here, I don’t think the Big Guy would like it and I have to respect that.  If you want to receive a birth announcement email me your address and I will be happy to send you one!  My email is icecreammama(at)gmail(dot)com.

See you after baby!!



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The Votes Are In

So when do you think Scoop with be born and what will she weigh?

Here is how the voting is going so far:

  • Amy: 9lb 3 oz.  Amy, any guess on the date?
  • Joy: Feb 9     8lb 10oz and 20 inches
  • Radsad:  Feb 11   9lb 2 oz
  • Karmyn:  Feb 12   8lb 12oz
  • Molly:  Feb 13  8lb 2 oz
  • Mrs. Squirrel:  Feb 13   8lb 7oz
  • Beckie:   Feb 14   9lb 2oz
  • Kellie:  Feb 14   9lb 4oz
  • Chick:  Feb 15    8lb 11oz
  • Lisa:  Feb 16   9lb 5oz
  • CPAMom: Feb 17     10 pounds even
  • Hannah:  Feb 17     9lb 1oz
  • Dani:  Feb 18    9lb 1oz
  • Emma:  Feb 22    9lb 9oz

Rachel– someone else already voted what you voted- want to vote again?

There is still time to vote.  There may be a prize involved.  Of course it will take me four months to send it to you but eventually you would get it.


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Another Week!

Didn’t mean to leave for a whole week.  I’m not really sure where the time went.  What has been going on this past week?

  • Some of you may recall, my house is small.  I mean small, 900 square feet small.  We have done quite a bit of rearranging to make sure Scoop actually has a place to sleep.  Never mind space for diapers, bottles and assorted other baby crap.
  • Last Friday she wasn’t really moving around much so I went to the hospital for monitoring.  Her movements were down a bit but after icy cranberry juice she perked up.  Already scaring her mama.  Brat.
  • Monday I had my regularly scheduled monitoring.  She was perfect!
  • The Big Guy is on vacation this week.  He’s out right now so I can write this post.
  • I was supposed to see my Ob-gyn Monday afternoon but he got called away to a delivery and we rescheduled for Tuesday (yesterday).
  • Since I didn’t have to go to the doctor the Big Guy says, “Let’s go look at mini vans.”
  • Do you remember the Fun Monday when I told you how much I LOVED my Ford Taurus?
  • No?
  • Well, I LOVE my Ford Taurus.
  • I mean, I used to love my Ford Taurus.
  • Because now?
  • I have a freakin’ mini van.
  • Dammit.
  • It was the right thing to do.
  • How could we cram a 17 year old, a booster seat and a baby carrier into the back of the Taurus?
  • It was the right thing to do, right?
  • Went to the Ob-gyn yesterday and baby looks good.
  • But my blood pressure was a little high.
  • He thinks it’s just because I’m getting a cold but wants me to do the 24 hour urine test just to be safe.
  • For the next 24 hours I get to collect all my urine.
  • Glad to know that aren’t you?
  • Do you have any idea how hard it is to pee into a cup that you can’t even see because your baby belly is in the way?
  • Skid Row bums don’t piss on themselves as much as I have today!
  • I’m off to see what you guys have been up to.  I’ve missed you!
  • Depending on what the Big Guy is doing these next few days I may not be back until Monday.
  • See ya!


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Wow, Two Posts In One Week!

Yes, I have been MIA for oh, say the last six months or so.  Sorry about that.  Why have I been gone?  I think bullets will come in handy here.  They make things semi coherent even when they aren’t.

  • Six months ago the Big Guy took a day shift.  This means he was home at night.  I don’t really go on the computer when he is home.  That was a promise I made to myself a long time ago- don’t neglect the family for the computer.
  • It’s true he usually falls asleep quite early on the couch and I could have blogged except for the fact that I have been in bed around eight o’clock every night.  Why?  This pregnancy has kicked my ass from start til (almost) finish!  I really am too old for this shit.
  • I went to my Ob-gyn yesterday.  He said I am now in my 37th week.  Am I the only person confused by how they calculate pregnancy?  I thought yesterday was week 36 but he tells me they refer to it as being in your 37th week.  My due date is February 19 (according to the doc) February 15 (according to me- hey I know when the boinking took place and the period time frames).  Let’s face it this baby is coming when she is good and ready to come.
  • It’s a girl.  I told you that, right?
  • I am now out on maternity leave.  My last work day was yesterday.
  • I am so glad to be away from that place for a while.  I just could not take any more.
  • Maybe I’ll be able to get some more blogging in!
  • Except, the Big Guy is on vacation next week.
  • I hope he plans on helping and not just getting in the way.
  • I went to the high risk doc a few weeks ago and he said Scoop is going to be a “big one”.  How big?  Nine pounds.  Ok.  Ebaby was 8lb 14oz so I think I can, I think I can.
  • The Big Guy had balls enough to say last night that he wasn’t looking forward to seeing me push out a huge baby.  I think you can guess what (and how) I said to him.
  • Who wants to guess when and how big this baby will be?
  • That’s it for now.
  • Maybe I’ll see you again this week.


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Some Answers

Thanks for your questions, they are greatly appreciated.

The first question comes from my pal Chick

She asks:  Why the hell haven’t you come to visit me?

Uh…was I invited?

Let’s tackle the prego questions.

Amy asks, “What are you craving this pregnancy?  And don’t say ice cream…”

I actually haven’t had many cravings.  Earlier in the pregnancy I couldn’t get enough orange juice but lately nothing special.

Karmyn and Kellie both want to know Scoop’s name.

My answer:  What?  And give away the good names?!  Hell no!

Actually, I don’t use anyone’s real name on the blog so I won’t be publishing this one either.  If you really want to know- send cookies.

Kellie also wants to know:

How excited is Ebaby for Scoop’s arrival?  That’s a tough one.  Some days she pulls up my shirt and pulls my sexy maternity pants below my belly button and yells (directly into my belly button) “COME OUT NOW I HAVE NO ONE TO PLAY WITH!!!”

But she also asks me, “When the new baby comes will you still have time for me?”  Which makes me cry.

Did your feet grow?  No but they do swell nicely.

Boobs?  No.  I have defective boobs that don’t produce milk so they never get any bigger.  The Big Guy really has no benefits here!

Is your hair so thick you can’t get an elastic around it without it snapping into 32 pieces?  I don’t want to piss anyone off, but my hair is too thick normally for an elastic.  Some days I would love to put it up but it just won’t stay.

How long are you out on leave for?  Well if I still have a job by the time I go out on maternity I will be out for a whopping twelve weeks.  Gotta love America and its love for the family.  Twelve whole weeks!  Don’t get me started the whole job thing is a big bullshit issue right now.

On that note I should probably get back to work.


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T Minus Eleven Weeks and Counting

I think I finished all of my Christmas shopping yesterday.  I just need to double check the list.

Not feeling so great today.  When can I start maternity leave?


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A Question


Has anyone seen my feet?


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