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Come To My New Home

Hi!  I moved.  Come visit at my new place.


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Moving Day

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I’m Getting A Complex

So my last three posts have not shown up on Bloglines.  WordPress is being snotty.  I think I’m going to switch back to Blogger.  Anybody have any idea how to import posts from WordPress to Blogger?  I tried Blogger’s help thing but there was not much current info.

I am seriously on the edge here, over the freakin blog!!!  Not really over the blog but I don’t need any more bullshit in my life right now.  I just want to be able to piss and moan (and have a twitter feed) with you guys.  Maybe tell the occasional Ebabyism. 


Sorry, just feeling a bit sorry for myself right now.



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There’s this cool new site- The Secret Is In The Sauce (for some reason wordpress is not letting my hyperlink this go to  (when I first read the title I thought of the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, you know, when Sipsy says, “The secret’s in the sauce.”)  They are featuring rockin’ bloggers every day.  They are also having a contest and I love contests!  (Plus I really want the new blog design!)  Check out their site.  I will be going back everyday to check out some new (to me) blogs!



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Hello? Bloglines?

I wonder if Bloglines will count this as a post.  It just ignored my previous post.  Yes, I do subscribe to my own blog, I use it to save my posts in case something gets eaten.  That doesn’t work if it gets ignored. 

I don’t like to be ignored. 

So unless you want me to boil your pet rabbit, Bloglines, I would acknowledge this damn fine post of mine.


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I’m Quotable

Go figure.  Musing Woman has deemed me quotable.  Now everyone will know I stink, literally.


I love Baby On Bored, not that she knows since I’m too intimidated to comment on her site.  Hi Stephanie- love you!  She turned me on to this great new blog.  The title?  Wind In Your Vagina!  The story behind the title is priceless.  I just spent the last half hour hiding from my kids reading his archives.  Go check him out. 


What blogs are you reading these days?  With my new unemployed status I can add a few more to my feed reader.


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Need A New Look

I have ten ideas for posts.  Have I done any of them?  No.  Why?  I’m too busy fooling around with widgets and designs.  I am bored with the look of my blog.  I don’t like the no Java Script thing they have here at WordPress.  There are some neat things I’d like to add (widgets from Good Reads and Twitter for example)  and I can’t use them here.  But I’ve been pretty happy here.  Plus I want a cute site.  Shallow I know. 


What do you guys think?  Stay here?  Go back to Blogger where they allow Java?  Anyone want to make me a cute new look?  You know, for free. 


Opinions please.


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