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It’s A Good Thing I Love Her…

Question from Ebaby yesterday:  “Mama, were you like this when you married Daddy?”

Unsuspecting me:  “Like what?”

My darling daughter:  “You know (poke, poke) fat with a big belly.”





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On The Way To Day Care

From the backseat:

“I wish I was made of chocolate so I could eat my own leg.”

And people wonder why I call her Mini-Me.


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Ebaby Says…

“(Little boy in her class) said if it was sunny and a Tuesday and we are older and still in love he wants to marry me.”

Sunny Tuesdays people, sunny Tuesdays.


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She’s Good For My Self Esteem

Last night while I was in the bathroom, the door comes flying open.  Ah, Ebaby is a bit early for her nightly visit.

“Mama, whatchoo doin?”

“Getting jammied up.”  Yes we really say that.

I proceeded to take my shirt off.

“Oooh Mama, you look beautiful with that bwa on!”

“Aw thank you honey.”

I then took my bra off.

Big look of surprise, “Mama!  Why did your boobies lay down?  Are they tired?”


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Poor Baby

I took Ebaby for a much needed haircut yesterday.  Her hair is so fine it knots up easily.  Of course this causes all sorts of hair drama.  With the hot weather coming, we went for a short bob.  It is the cutest damn haircut she has ever had!!  I love it so much I could squish her!  She stood at the mirror flipping her new hair around, smiling and posing.  She loved it too.

Until 11:30 last night.

She comes out of her room all worked up.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“What if they think I’m a boy because my hair is so short?!” says the Drama Princess.

“Who is they?”

“The kids at school.  I think I need to wear a dress to school.”

Oh if only all of our problems were solved so easily.


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No Post Tonight

I was actually going to post something riveting tonight.  Ok, maybe not riveting but better than the drivel that has been written lately.

Since I have said “Get back in bed” eighty bajillion times in the last hour and a half, there will be no post tonight.

I know you are all disappointed.

You may resume your lives.

Take me with you.  Please.



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A Trip to the Store With Daddy

The Big Guy took Ebaby to Walmart on Sunday to pick up an oil filter. 

There was a woman wearing some ultra short shorts in front of them.

In a truly shocked (and loud) voice, Ebaby asks, “Daddy, why is that lady wearing no pants?  I see her undies!”

Five people snort laughed.  One old lady peed a little.


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