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List of 2007 Update

So much for updating on the first of the month!

  • Lose weight.  Uh…yeah, not good.  I’m not going to update this weekly any more.  Frankly, I just can’t take the pressure.  I’m only going to do it in the monthly update from now on.  I’m right back where I started anyway.
  • Quit smoking.  I have cut down to about half my usual.
  • Save money.  This is actually going pretty good (now that I’ve said it, some major high cost item is going to fall apart).
  • Read through the Bible.  No progress whatsoever.
  • Fill in the blank picture frames.  I have not even printed  any pictures!
  • Finish half bath.  Now that it is getting warmer the Big Guy will be able to crawl under the house to work some plumbing magic.  Decrappification must come first.
  • Organize.  Bwahahaha! 
  • Be nicer to family, spend time enjoying them, take better care of myself.  I have made a conscious effort to spend time with my girls.  They grow so fast and I don’t want to be left with a bunch of what ifs?  My oldest and I have had some really good conversations.  She is turning into quite the young woman.  As far as taking care of myself- still dealing with the medical crap, hoo-frickin-ray.

So you can see I am still a slug.  I refuse to let this list just pass me by.  By the end of the year I will have something done on this list, dammit!



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Introspection ~or~ What’s That In My Belly Button?

I have not really written anything lately.  Yeah, I’ve had a few posts but nothing about what’s really on my mind. 

I have typed and deleted for the last 15 minutes.  I usually just sit down and like pea soup at an exorcism, spew words at the computer.  I don’t usually think too much about what I write, I just do it.  It is a bit frustrating that I can’t quite put into words how I am feeling.  That really is the writing challenge, isn’t it?  Being able to get thoughts and feelings across without being physically seen.  Ya know, so I could make faces at you and punctuate my words with dramatic eye rolling. 

I’m not depressed (well, let’s be honest, yeah I am, but it’s not the overwhelming kind of depression that anyone needs to worry about).  I am introspective (word of the day).  Things are changing, some for good and some not so much.  

What has brought on this navel gazing?

An invitation to my twenty year high school reunion.  Twenty freakin years!  How the hell did that happen?

And the following conversation:


Sunday afternoon, the Big Guy, Sis, E-baby and I were in the kitchen.  Two of us were getting over the stomach bug and two of us hadn’t gotten it yet, so we were all feeling pretty good.

E-baby was on the computer playing her Mickey Mouse preschool game.  You should have seen her little hand moving the mouse around and trying to click the button at the same time.  She was sitting up straight and tall with a big grin on her face because she was having computer time.  The Big Guy and I were talking with Sis about driving lessons.  We talked about what the rules would be regarding car time and her other responsibilities. 

I had to leave the room.  I went into the living room and the tears started to flow.  BG came in and looked at me.  Bless his heart, he said the right thing!  With real love and sympathy, he looked me in the eyes and said,  “One on the computer and the other driving…they’re growing up, huh?” 

Well, the damn dam opened, “sob sob sob There’s no babies any more sob They’re growing up too fast sob sob  She’s going to be four sob and she’s going to be driving!! sob”

Oh the drama.


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List of 2007 Update

We have now finished one month of 2007.  Let’s see how I have done on my list of things to do.

Item One:  Lose Weight

I lost nine pounds.  Contrary to my boohoo from yesterday, nine pounds is damn good.  (Please don’t kick my ass.  Besides, your foot might get stuck.)  I said I wanted to lose 1-2 pounds a week.  I did.

Item Two:  Quit Smoking

I have cut down but I don’t know if I can take any credit for that.  It’s just been really cold out.

Item Three:  Save Money

Three words- Hot.Water.Heater.

Item Four:  Read Bible in a Year

Sorry God.  Not doing too great with this one.

Item Five:  Fill Picture Frames

First I have to print the pictures.  Before that I need to go through them and see which ones I want to print.  Just not as simple as I thought it would be.

Item Six:  Finish Half Bath

Well, this one was really for the Big Guy.  I do have to de-crappify the space, but I figure he can’t do anything until it’s warmer.  So I don’t really need to clean it yet, right?

Item Seven:  Organize


Item Eight:  Be nicer to family, Spend more time enjoying them, take better care of myself

I have really made a conscious effort to be nicer to my family.  Lots of deep breaths! 

I’m trying to build extra time into the schedule so we don’t have to rush so much.  I am succeeding about half the time. 

I feel like I’ve spent most of the month at doctors, labs, etc.  Taking care of myself- covered.

Not much progress made but dammit, I’m not giving up!

Are you keeping your resolutions list of things to do?


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It is something like -3 degrees with the wind chill here.

Let me tell you something:

I don’t smoke in my house.

I don’t smoke in my car (at least not with the kidlets in it).

I don’t smoke in my office.

I go outside to smoke.

If this weather keeps up, I will probably quit smoking just because I hate the cold.


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List of 2007

Here it is the long awaited List of 2007!  I don’t make resolutions because my rebellious little brain wants only to break resolutions.  But I love a list!

Here it is in no particular order.  With pictures!  For your viewing pleasure (or horror)!

First item:  Lose weight.  I mean damn girl, lose some weight!   More on this tomorrow.


Item two:  Quit these.  I love my kids & want to see them grown with babies of their own.


Item three:  Save money.  I would say save more but let’s be honest here ain’t much saving going on.


Item Four:  Read through this in a year.


Item Five:  Pictures, please.  I have about five of these things all with the generic family still in the slots.  In fact I have one hanging on the wall with the generic family in the slots.  Hey the Big Guy had his hammer out.


Item Six:  Finish house projects.  Two years ago we put an addition on our house.  I like to tell people we doubled the size of our house.  We really did.  What I don’t tell people is out house started out at 450 square feet.  Woohoo!!  We now have 900 palatial feet.  Envy me.  Anyway, we were going to put a half bath in the master bedroom.  See this:


This is at the end of my bed.  Why?  Because of this:


I have crapped up our half bath.  (Should I change that?  Didn’t mean for the pun, ah to hell with it).  Nothing says romance like a toilet in the bedroom!

Item Seven:  Organize!  When we did the addition every room in the house was organized except ours.  The portal to hell could be in our master bedroom but you would never know it because of stuff like this:


Items eight plus:

Be nicer to my husband and kids.

Spend time with them enjoying them & not telling them to hurry up because we are late.  Again.

Take better care of myself.

I am sure there are more things I want to do but this is a start.  Let’s hope it’s not also the end!


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Body Challenge

Unless the challenge is to have the biggest body- I’m out!

Seriously, Discovery Channel is having the 2007 National Body Challenge. I am thinking about doing this. (Thinking about it, ya know, not actually doing it right now.)

I need to do something because critical mass has been reached, my friends. Part of it is the anti-thyroid meds I’m on. In the last 12 or so weeks I’ve been on them I have gained 20 pounds. I wish I could blame all of the fatness on the meds, but let’s face it- I’m lazy and I’m not the Ice Cream Mama for nothing!

I think this is going to go on the list of things for next year. No, they are not resolutions, I break resolutions, these are merely items to put on the list of things to do in 2007. Other items on the list include: wax my eyebrows and upper lip hair (if you call it a mustache I will reach out through the Internet and slap the hell out of you, ‘kay?)

I need to come up with a plan because this extra weight has got to go! I can’t do anything that requires special foods or no carbs– it has to be real world workable. There are so many different diets but what really works? How can I fit exercise into an already over-booked life? Does anyone want to embark on this journey toward health with me? Or at least come to my house and empty the freezer of its creamy frozen delights?


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