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The biopsy was benign. Thank God. Still need to have my thyroid out because it’s so big but first I have to find a new surgeon. Will not be dealing with this one any more.



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Au Revoir, NaBloPoMo

Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo. Thank God!

I actually made it. The posts were pretty lousy and that is a reflection of how the month went. I had so much on my mind that quality posts just didn’t happen. There were many days that I just couldn’t think of anything to say without breaking certain promises I made to myself when I started this thing. Of course, since today is the last day, I have like five things on my mind that I could post about. Ain’t that the way?

Thanks to the Randomizer my stats went up and I have a couple of people who actually come here! I have also found some really great new reads to add to my Bloglines.

Thanks to the brave (and quite possibly very bored) readers. Hopefully I can get my head out of my rear and not put you to sleep when you come here. Unless sleep is what you want and then I am happy to help.

Would I do NaBloPoMo again? I don’t know. If I do I would need to have a plan in advance of what I would say. I would also need a life that wasn’t in a total uproar!

I have gotten in the habit of coming here everyday and it will be weird to not have to post. I wonder, now that the pressure is off, will I still post every day? I may take a few days off from the ice cream shop or I may post three more times today, who knows?

Anyway, thanks for the memories, NaBloPoMo.

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Where My Head Does a Complete 360 a la Linda Blair

I hate when people lie to me! That, that person (a term I use generously because most people don’t lie blatantly) at the doctor’s office- ya know, the one who told me the dr. would call first thing- well she is a damn liar. I just called there and lo and freakin behold, “Mrs.___, the doctor did not have office hours today, he is in surgery all day on Wednesdays.” What the hell? I f he is in surgery on Wednesdays why did you not just tell me that yesterday? Why? (insert appropriate nasty words here)

I can call tomorrow after 2:30.

If I don’t start spewing pea soup before that.


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Growing Old WAITING!

It is after 1PM here and I still haven’t heard anything. So much for first thing. I know the receptionist has no control over the doctor and let me tell ya, once I get these results, I sure as hell am not going back to this doctor. I don’t care if he’s the last doctor on the damn earth, I’m going someplace else. I’ve called my voice mail about 12 million times to see if there was any message. Now I’m hanging out here. I’m going to call them again, my blood pressure could use a workout.

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STILL Waiting!

Being persistent (impatient), I called the doctor’s office at 4:45 this afternoon.

“Hi this is Bethany ____, has the doctor looked at my results yet?”

“Mrs. ____, I told you, the doctor is very busy and would probably not get to them today. He has already left the office for the day”, said the receptionist with her bitchy, bad mood voice.

Sweet as could be, without a hint of sarcasm, I say, “It sounds like you’re having one of those days.”

Big exhale, a little calmer, “I sure am, it started bad and just kept going.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I’ve been waiting all day to hear if I have cancer. Now I get to wait all night.”

“Oh, I’ll have Doctor call you first thing in the morning.”

Yeah and I’ll hold my breath waiting.

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Still Waiting

Because I hate to wait, I called the doctor’s office to see if the results were in. The receptionist said they are in but he hasn’t reviewed them yet. Of course she can’t say anything. I understand that but it sucks that she knows & I don’t. Anyway, the doctor has meetings this morning and a full load of patients this afternoon. She thinks “It is highly unlikely that you will hear from him today.” Well let me tell you, it was all I could do to not unload on this woman! I understand she is doing her job, she’s not a doctor, blah blah blah. But she did not have to come off like such a bitch. This was my first phone call, not the tenth. I couldn’t possibly have annoyed her in one three minute phone call. When did courtesy and compassion become bad things to show other people? I mean, Damn!

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I Hate Waiting

I am supposed to find out the results of the biopsy today. I usually don’t work on Tuesdays but I am today, just for a few hours while the Squish is at preschool. We could use the money and the end of the month is very busy at my job. Next month will be even more fun because I get to close out the whole year! Hoo-ray. No matter how perfectly every month closes and balances for some reason there is always some major problem closing out the year. Things to look forward too.
Anyway, I’ll let you know what the results are when I get them.

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