Book Binge 2008

book binge

Welcome to The 2nd Annual Book Binge hosted by the lovely MaryP.


This Book Binge came at just the right time for me.  I needed something to take my mind off the assorted crap going on and this was the perfect remedy!  Thanks for having another binge, Mary!


What did I read?  As I was sitting down to write this post I realized I didn’t have my list with me.  I look in my purse.  Not there.  I look in my bill drawer.  Not there.  I then look every where else in the house.  Not there.  Great.  Can’t find the damn list!  They were library books for the most part, I can check the library’s site.  Nope, once they are returned there is no record.  Here I thought the FBI or CIA was monitoring people’s library borrowings.  (FBI, If you are reading this, did I remember all of my books?)

  1. The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen  I liked this book.  Modern day woman finds skeleton in her yard.  Story flashes back to the 1830’s and back again.  Not as good as some of her other books but a nice read.
  2. Hour Game by David Baldacci  I have read and loved Baldacci’s Camel Club books but for some reason never read the Sean King/ Michelle Maxwell books.  This book and the next on the list are both King/Maxwell books.  They were…ok.  I read them but they were also easy to put down.  No “can’t wait to get back to it” feeling.
  3. Simple Genius by David Baldacci  See above.
  4. A Friar’s Blood Feud by Michael Jecks A Knights Templar Book     I love these books.  Sir Baldwin de Furnshill is a Keeper of the Peace in the 14th century.  He is also a former Knight Templar.  Great settings and a plot that kept me engaged.
  5. Women’s Letters:  America from the Revolutionary War to the Present  edited by Lisa Grunwald and Stephen J. Adler  I am on page 397 of 761.  (I am reading it between other books.)  I love this book!  It is filled with letters from women (you think?).  I love history, especially American history, and it is fascinating to get first hand accounts of things that happened so many years ago.  Where possible the editors added biographical info on the writer and receiver.
  6. The American Resting Place by Marilyn Yalom   Photographs by Reid S. Yalom  You may think I’m morbid but I love cemeteries.  I have found so much interesting information in cemeteries while researching my family tree.  This book follows the burying history of America for the last 400 years.  A fascinating book not at all creepy.
  7. Death Row by Jon Katz  A Suburban Detective Book.  This is what I call “an easy read”.  Engaging but not consuming.  Interesting but not can’t put down.
  8. Obsession by Jonathan Kellerman  An Alex Delaware novel.  Do I really need to say more?  They sort of bleed together after a while.
  9. Rockabye:  From Wild To Child by Rebecca Woolf   She blogs at Girls Gone Child.  I loved this book and talked about it so much, my mother is reading it now.
  10. 7th Heaven by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
  11. Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber
  12. The Front by Patricia Cornwell

For some reason my wordpress link thing isn’t working so I couldn’t link to the last few books.  Sorry.


 I have 8 or 10 more books to add but I am going to set this to automatically publish on Sunday.  I am not sure if I will get back to it tomorrow as two of my kids (the smallest and whiniest) have strep throat.  If this message is still here- I did not get back to it.  If you like, check back on Tuesday for the full list, it should be up by then.


***Edited Monday June 2***

Since I lost my list I can’t remember the other books so they probably weren’t that good!  Kids are a bit better, thanks for asking!




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Mama Misfit tagged me for this meme.  By tagged I mean, saved you all from a crappy, whiny, depressing poor me post.  You should all thank her.

You know the deal answer the questions, tag some people.

  • What were you doing ten years ago?

The Big Guy and I had been dating for four months.  Oh the excitement and hours of conversation.  Now conversations consist of him blaming the closest person for his farts. 

I had been at my job for two years and was moving on up (that is until they moved me on out…no, no whining!)

  • What five snacks do you enjoy?
  1. Ice cream…duh.
  2. chocolate
  3. home made peanut butter cookies
  4. ice cream
  5. ice cream
  • What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
  1. Tell the Big Guy to retire!
  2. Pay off the car.
  3. Buy a bigger house.
  4. Set up education funds for my girls, nieces and nephews.
  5. Make sure our parents retired in style!
  6. I know I did five but I’m a billionaire and I can do six if I want!  I would fund spinal paralysis research.  I have a brother who is quadriplegic and would love for him to walk again!
  • What are five fun things you wish you could do today?
  1. Take a nap.  Yes, that’s fun.
  2. Read a book.
  3. Watch a grown up show on tv.
  4. Go for Mexican food with you guys.
  5. Become a billionaire.


If you are reading this- tag, you’re it!


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It’s Time

This weekend I was walking on the sidewalk in front of a stripmall.  I saw my reflection in the store window and determined that my ass needs its own zip code.  Combined with Ebaby’s lovely question I have decided it is time to jump back on the weight loss wagon.  I’m not going to make any “Weight Loss Wednesday” or “Fat Ass Friday” commitments though.  I’m just going to post when I’ve actually lost weight.  Maybe not even then.  Who knows? 


Before I got pregnant my goal was to lose 100 pounds before I turned 40.  At the time that gave me two years.  Totally doable- about one pound a week.  Now?  It’s a year later and I have gained weight.  Is anyone really surprised?  After I had Scoop I was thrilled because I lost all of my baby weight in three weeks.  To be honest, I only gained twenty pounds and had a nine pound four ounce baby and assorted fluids and stuff come out all at once.  It was great!  Then I went on the mental medicine.  And was still depressed.  And gained back all twenty pounds.  Needless to say I feel like crap.  So now I have 120 pound to lose and I will be 39 in August.  One hundred twenty pounds in 60 weeks?  That’s only 2 pounds a week so I supposed I can still do it.  Can you feel the confidence oozing from me? 


I will be breaking out my Weight Watchers At Home kit I got before getting knocked up.  WW seems to work really well for me.  (Though if Jenny Craig wants to send me free meals, I’ll be happy to blog all about it.) 


Wish me luck.  Cause, honey, I’m gonna need it!


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It’s A Good Thing I Love Her…

Question from Ebaby yesterday:  “Mama, were you like this when you married Daddy?”

Unsuspecting me:  “Like what?”

My darling daughter:  “You know (poke, poke) fat with a big belly.”




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At what time is it appropriate to say, “There’s no point showering today, I’ll just catch one tomorrow.”?




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Need A New Look

I have ten ideas for posts.  Have I done any of them?  No.  Why?  I’m too busy fooling around with widgets and designs.  I am bored with the look of my blog.  I don’t like the no Java Script thing they have here at WordPress.  There are some neat things I’d like to add (widgets from Good Reads and Twitter for example)  and I can’t use them here.  But I’ve been pretty happy here.  Plus I want a cute site.  Shallow I know. 


What do you guys think?  Stay here?  Go back to Blogger where they allow Java?  Anyone want to make me a cute new look?  You know, for free. 


Opinions please.


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Nothing Like A Tone of Voice To Set Me Off…

Yesterday, as I am using the bathroom for the 10th time (I can’t wait for the Zoloft to be out of my system)…where was I?  Oh yeah, bathroom.  So I’m in the bathroom, Scoop is on the floor under her little flashy light, rattle thing,and Ebaby is watching Dragon Tales an educational program on greenhouse gasses.


Or so I thought.


I heard Scoop “talking” and thought it sounded funny.  I peek out the bathroom door and see she is not under the play thing.  Oh hell, I wrap it up quickly

She was on Ebaby’s bed, all tucked in.

How did she get there?

Ebaby pushed her.  Picture this…

Scoop lying on the floor.  Ebaby moves play yard, puts two hands on Scoop’s tush and pushes her to the bedroom.  She then picks her up and puts her on the bed.  I had a heart attack.

Scoop was fine and kinda happy to be in her big sister’s room.  Luckily she did not have a rug burn on the back of her head.  The strange thing is she had to push her right past the bathroom and I never heard a thing.  Sneaky little thing.


The tone of voice?  That would be the Big Guy.  Ebaby told him what happened when he made his nightly call home.  When I got on the phone the connection was lost.  When he got home he asked me how Ebaby got Scoop in the bed.  With a tone.  You know the one- it makes you feel like shit. 

I said she pushed her. 


Then I got a look.  It had a tone, too. 

I said, “Well what’s the next question?”  I admit, it had a tone.

More silence and a look.

I got up and went to bed.

“Where are you going?”

Just kept going.




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